Our Activities

Happitots South Lanarkshire offers a wide range of exceptional activities and opportunities and encourages children to participate in these free experiences to help them build their confidence and develop their skills. 


Nursery Teacher

We are very lucky to have our very own teacher who primarily works with our 3-5 year old children. Our teacher will work closely with your child’s key worker to ensure that your child is being provided with all the simulating and essential experiences needed to prepare your child for heading off to school. Our teacher is always available if you would like to discuss anything regarding your child’s development..



ZooLab helps excite our children’s curiosity and covers many subject areas within the national curriculum by introducing children to all sorts of animals, big and small! 

Community Outings 

Our nursery enjoys great ties with our local community and we are often out and about visiting local sights and getting involved in events. 

Christmas Show

We celebrate Christmas by putting on a wonderful Christmas show for friends and family each year. There’s always much excitement in preparing for the show as we learn songs and organise our special dress ups. 



We celebrate the big move to primary school with a special graduation ceremony each year—caps, gowns, the works! All children join us for a special annual nursery trip in June as well!